Besco Grain, since its inception in 2004, has been a global leader in the contracting, processing, and supply of quality mustard seed. 

Effective May 28, 2021, Besco Grain joined the family of Wisconsin Spice. Inc., the world’s foremost supplier of mustard solutions, shipping products worldwide to customers on all continents.

Since Besco Grain’s inception, the company’s goal has been to provide quality, competitive mustard seed – both locally and globally – all while fostering long-term partnerships, values embraced by Wisconsin Spice, Inc. 

Besco Grain’s management team has decades of experience within the international agricultural industry.  Their combined expertise and extensive network of contacts has proven to be invaluable, both today and moving forward. 

As an autonomous division of Wisconsin Spice, Besco Grain continues to excel as a leader in the market of mustard seed contracting, processing, and marketing in Canada and around the world. 

Please visit Wisconsin Spice’s website for more information about their products and services.


Our goal is not only to give mustard producers access to the international market, but to become a dependable partner.


Our vision is to establish Besco Grain as the foremost partner in the mustard industry among producers, distributors, and end users alike.